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Clean Eating, Healthy Lifestyles, As close to Natural as possible.
This is a community for those seeking to "Eat Clean". Eating Clean in a nutshell is preparing and consuming food in it's most natural unproccessed state. This doesn't mean it can't be flavorful or even fun to eat, but it does mean your body won't be weighed down in refined sugars, carbs and all the things that lead to illness and even obesity.

Clean eating can be hard since so much of what we do find in grocery stores and restaurants are processed. But here you can find recipes to cook at home, ways to lessen the amount of processed foods in your daily diet, and tools to help you make the best choices for you and your circumstances. If you cant eat clean all of the time, you can at least come close.

This community is also good for those seeking to become fit. Weight loss is a natural byproduct of eating clean. I myself am on this journey and hope to someday be able to present not only a fit, lean me, but a healthy lean me.

Come on inside, take a look and grab a seat. I'm sure you'll want to stay. :)

Posting Guidelines:

1) Please tag all your recipes as such:

Recipe: Special Ingredient/Type of recipe: What it generally is: Title of Recipe.

EXAMPLE: Recipe: Stevia: Cookies: Chocolate Pecan Sandies.

If there was no special ingredient like Stevia or Splenda this tag could have been

Recipe: Baking: Cookies: Chocolate Pecan Sandies.

EXAMPLE: Recipe: Main Course: Basil Salmon
EXAMPLE: Recipe: Splenda: Condiment: Raspberry Dressing

If you need help private message me.

2) Please no flaming.
3) You can post personal stories here, but please keep them on topic. (Clean eating, weight loss, exercise, healthy choices, etc.)